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The Purpose of Sex

Nov 23, 1996 02:06 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>The purpose of sex, according to ALL of the Mahatma's writings is
>to bring children into the world,...

This is the most outrageous and silly thing that I have
ever heard.  It is pure disinformation.  There is almost
no such thing as "according to ALL of the Mahatma's" on
any subject.  In any case, modern psychology has clearly
demonstrated that sex is absolutely essential for intimacy,
and intimacy is absolutely essential for a healthy psyche.
So, if your statement is true, then the Mahatma's are
plain wrong.  I agree that some Mahatmas make this claim,
but hardly all, and those who do obviously know nothing
of the human need for intimacy--a crucial developmental
task for all normal human beings.  Intimacy, according
to all modern psychological research, is more important
to psychological development than having children, which is
also important, but not critical.  The idea of sex for
children is pure Christian Catholicism, not theosophy.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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