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Tedious subjects

Nov 05, 1996 06:45 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Ann, a friend, commented yesterday that she found the whole
subject of the Masters' reality tedious.  Although in fact I
have come to the same point after years of devoted attention, I
question the wisdom of saying such things on the list.  Saying
"I find this discussion tedious" is what
psychologically-oriented friends of mine call a "shut-down
remark."  The implication is, "And boring me is against the
rules, so drop it."

I can't help thinking of all the discussions I found tedious
without saying so: rounds and races, aristocratic bloodlines,
Fundamentalist Christian vs. Theosophist (actually I did say so then), CWL's
misdeeds, and many more.  But then surely many of the
discussions I found fascinating-- TS political corruption, ES
domination, morality in Theosophy, Alice Bailey, PC language-- others found

Let's not put down one another's interests.

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