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Re: The Utility of Theosophy

Nov 08, 1996 04:32 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996 wrote:
> I know that some theosophical literature pooh-poohs the idea of becoming
> involved with politics.  Which I find rather contradictory when put side by

	It has been the policy of the Theosophical Society as an
organization keeping out of politics from day one. This policy has served
the organization for over a century and will continue to do so.

	However, leading members of TS have in the past been very active
in politics in their *personal* capacity. Annie Besant when she was the
International President of the TS, was very involved actively in the
Independence Movement of India when she was the President. While she had
her office of President at Adyar Campus of TS, she had separate office
outside the Campus for her political activities. For one term she was
elected as the National President of Indian National Congress and she was
the only non Indian who ever held that office.

	One of the leading members of TS in India was for several years
an appointed Senator in the Indian Senate.

	So all of us who have any interest and inclination to participate
in Politics is most welcome to do so. I wish to see Senators and
Representatives and Governors with Theosophical background. In these days
when *wedge* issues are used to win elections and make make themselves
popular, a good dose of Theosophy will go a long way in *really* working
for the common good.

	IMHO it will be appropriate and do a lot of good if the politics
discussions are done in one of the usenet groups on this subject.

	My 2 cents worth.


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