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Re: Opportunity of 1996

Nov 06, 1996 01:04 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Patrick Alessandra Jr. wrote:

>      The Mahatmas focus on the promotion of the principles of freedom
> and honesty as central to the theosophical way.  The type of gov't we
> choose is very much relevant as to our freedom to do our work.  I mean
> no partisanship, the idea here is seek an honest understanding of what
> is going on.

Yes, I can see your point. But this issue is divisive, and this discussion
group is under no pressure to identify its political platform, so it
might be better to drop the discussion--not because it does not deserve
any discussion (it does), but simply because IT DOES NOT WORK. (This is in
the name of co-measurement, in Agni Yoga parlance). This is just a
suggestion, of course.

For me, discussions are not an end in itself. If they do not work, other
techniques may be tried. IMO, one of the best ways to promote freedom,
etc.  on the part of those who call themselves theosophists is to send
out to the environment currents of light, love, and goodwill; this is a safe
and powerful technique of the white magic that is sure to bring good results
-- definitely a win-win thing. Unfortunately, we do not seem to be able
to make use of it in this group as the currents are difficult to send out
via the Internet. Or do we?

Another good way is what you are doing now posting your essays on the Web. I
can imagine that those who are not in tune with what you had to say just
leave your Web pages (with little or no animosity generated), while those
who are read the essays and ponder on them. The average Web surfer does not
bother to spend her/his emotional energies to respond to what s/he does
not like--s/he just skips it. So it seems to be quite positive thing. This
kind of "Web discourse" is quite different from what happens in this
group (and in many other electronic groups): the unspoken consensus and
concealed expectations seem to be totally different...

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