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Re: A Serious Question

Nov 02, 1996 03:38 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Doss -

Your reference to the book by Baborka would not be regarded as
conclusive evidence by serious scholars or TS history buffs if, as I
suspect, it was or still is published by the TS itself, which "edits"
the work of TS greats to expunge inconvenient writings of theirs.

I guess I am asking *you* for your view of the facts, and *your*
assessment of the evidence, not Barborka's.


In message <Pine.BSD/>,
"m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>> In message <Pine.BSD/>,
>> "m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>> >       The production of the letters has been discussed rather
>> >extensively and all the evidence points out to  the authenticity of the
>> >letters.
>> Errr ... how about:
>> The production of the letters has been discussed rather
>> extensively and much of the evidence points out to the non-authenticity
>> of the letters.  Many who have studied them suspect the direct hand of
>> HPB in the production of certainly some of them.
>> If you are going to make sweeping generalisations like "all the evidence
>> points to, etc." then you had better produce "all the evidence" and then
>> follow it up with a seriously reasoned case for the authenticity of the
>> letters being a fact.
>> Alan
>The issue has been fully addressed in:
>       The Mahatmas and Their Letters by Geoffrey A Barborka
>        ISBN 0-8356-7062-7

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