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Tragic BEAUTY - Sympathy for the devil and OJ - Soul Symphony

Nov 27, 1996 08:45 AM
by Joseph K PricE

A parting shot about Beauty.  It would seem that the PERFECT ONE allows
polarity, imperfection and decay, entropy, death, ugliness pain and that simply
because the experience of Beauty is so blissfull even if it requires the
polarity of uginess, and death.

Perfection is one thing but Beauty is always just skin deep, with a flaw an
achilles heel, an aching soulful tragic lacking, a god manque, so to speak.

You alway hurt the one you love.  You always take the sweetest rose and crush it
till the petals fall _ Masters Ink Spots

So I think many people feel sympathy for the devil, sympathy for those swept up
in the trials of life.  In tragedy, we cannot help but be moved of the dross of
the insignificant, we are purged of the pettty and prostrated before the
sometimes "only pretty".  Just for argument's sake, say OJ was filled with the
desire to posses this blonde goddes.  The Othello like OJ was driven to jealousy
by the simpleton Iago/Goldman who was a pawn in the power play of the filthy
rich and famous.  Goldman wanted the gold, man!, not the princess bride, I bet..
OJ filled with juice of jealousy had to kill both.  They represented, like
Mishimas's deforemed monk in THE GOLDEN PAVILLION, a beaurty that was insulting
because how could one so ugly live up to its BEAUTY that accueses, taunts,
conjoles, insites to burn, to riot, to destroy for spite.  The good, the true,
the beautiful, must be destroyed because they for the ugle, the incompetent, the
stupid are proof of one's superfulousness.  It is the ordinary that is de trop.
The beautiful is a gift, and echo of the divine that is too beautiful to bear.
I can understand OJ.  Some have given him carte blanch with Drakkar Noir.   If
he did  it, leave him to Heaven!

Keith PRice

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