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Re: THEOS-L digest 738

Nov 27, 1996 00:42 AM
by kymsmith

Patrick wrote:

>The only purpose of sex is to bring children into the world.
>Pat the Cleric

I think the scariest part of all this discussion is that right now the
"Clerics" among us have the ear of the world. It is through and from the
distortion and manipulation of the messages from the "enlightened" ones
(God, Mahatmas, Muhammad, etc) that their power comes. We see the results of
their words, their "commandments," in the Third and Fourth World  - and we
see the results of their "commandments" in America. Their unwavering
commitment to falsities is seen as a symbol of strength and power - even
those of us who recognize this cannot help but be amazed at their steely
determination.  And the loudness of their voices.

I am not troubled by what the "Clerics" say, but at how many people actually
believe them. . .or fear to question them.  Numerically, the "clerics" carry
the biggest stick.

However temporary.


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