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Re: Lutyens, Algeo, etc.

Nov 20, 1996 10:48 AM
by M K Ramadoss

K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> I have been told, by an editor of a Theosophical journal, of a
> friend who reluctantly withdrew a review of the Sloss book he had
> written (for another journal, in England) upon pleas from
> Lutyens to do so.  Result-- one less way for the public to become
> aware of Sloss's charges; this represents according to my
> informant part of a systematic effort to keep Sloss's book as
> unknown as possible.  The high-handed dismissals and personal
> attacks on me for even bringing it up recently, when Doss forwarded a
> post on the subject to a Krishnamurti-ite list show me that there is no more
> openness to new perspectives on K. in that camp than there has been
> among Theosophists lately regarding HPB.  Now, apparently, Lutyens has
> decided to counterattack, and the accusation is that
> Krishnamurti was seduced by a woman whose husband encouraged
> this as a means of gaining control over him.  The credibility
> of this charge remains to be seen, but I doubt that Lutyens
> comes across as plausibly as Sloss.

	I have just browsed the book by Lutyens. It appears she has done a good
job of dealing with most of the issues and facts and conclusions reached
by Sloss in her book. As a matter of fact, she had addressed the issue
of K's relationship with Rosalind Rajagopal Sloss in page 1 of the book.
Also addressed is the "spiritual" model per "Leadbeater-Theosophy" and
that of K's. I will try to post further when I am able to read the book.

	As for posting your msg to Listening-l, that is where all the scholars
of Krishnamurti are. It appears that there are many over there who have
read every word that has been in print regarding K. So I personally do
not see any problem with it.

	MK Ramadoss

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