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Re: Purpose of Sex - Polarity demands reunion

Nov 27, 1996 08:22 AM
by Joseph K PricE

Sex is the joining or rejoining of two enteties.  Two enteties presupposes
polarity.  The number 1 is perfect unity. The number 2 is imperfect polartiy,
and 3 gives us a temporary rejoing of the two into one which release a moment of
re-membering the perfection of the one.

Polarity demands dynamism.  One can be static, but two itches for the scratch of
reunion, communion and connection of energy flow leading to
release,consciousness and dissappation of the inherent tension of being two

Art is similar to sex and power in that the subject seeks and object or two
subjects (at least) seek to make an object out of each other.  Not to preach to
the choir, but to cut to the chase, the goal is Beauty or organization out or
polarity and even Chaos.  The constant restructuring of the elements brings new
forms of primal Beauty.  Humanity has a love, a feeling of beauty which is like
Truth, but on a much more irrational level.  Truth can be analysize, purified,
pinned like a butterfly to wall.  But Beaty seems to transcend the form even
more than truth.  A logical equation is one thing, but an elegant theory is a
joy to behold.

The purpose of sex is not really just to make children, or satisfy an itch, a
hunger, but is symbolic on the physical level of our need, our primal need for
beauty which is as necessary as air and water.  The beauty of polarity rejoined
creates a warmth, a glow, an energy flow through the spinal column of our being
and the GREAT BEING of the universe itself

Keith Price

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