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Re: A Serious question

Nov 02, 1996 05:13 AM
by John Straughn writes:
>Max wrote:
>>Why don't you ask your own Self about it rather than posting a question
>>to the discussion list? If you are serious, do you believe that answers
>>to existential questions like questions about truth, authority, etc. can
>>come from the outside? Even if you receive some good (in your opinion)
>>answers, do you think you will be ready to wholeheartedly accept them
>>with no further doubts and suspicions likely to emerge in a short time?
>I think, rather than Mark keeping the question to himself, it may have been
>more helpful and constructive if you had kept the above answer to yourself.

Agreed.  However, on both sides.  Max has a good point to make, but the point
to which I am referring is not "keep it to yourself".  Mark, I agree with Max
that the answers you seek CAN be found in the Universal Self, however, in
order to understand that which comes from the U. Self, you must learn to
understand it.  In order to learn, you must ask questions.  Max, I hope that
the former is the point you were trying to make.  This is a discussion list.
And most of what is discussed is centered around helping humanity.  I assume
that Mark is a human.:)  His question seemed appropriate enough to me to be
posted here.  I think perhaps your point was taken more offensively than it
was meant to be.  But, then, I as well could be mistaken.
The Triaist

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