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Re: Brotherhood again

Nov 29, 1996 05:15 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>Alan Bain writes-->
><< Dear Richard,
> You *could* subscribe to the TI statement of intent without thereby
> abandoning your integrity to the spirit of the three objects as
> currently formulated.  The Societies are not likely to change them
> anyway- even though they do *not* constitute an inviolable document.  So
> far as TS (Adyar) is concerned the objects as written need to remain as
> stated if for no other reason than that they are part of the Articles of
> Incorporation ("TS Rules Adyar" on web page - in HISTORY directory I
> think) and form part of the legal structure of that body.
> Alan >>
>Richard Ihle writes-->
>Alan, jump in on my side against Kym and I'll join. . . .
Huh?  What a strange suggestion. It has nothing to do with the point I
am trying to make above.  I cannot have failed to notice that you are
having a discussion/debate with Kym, but it has seemed to be reasonably
civilised to me - but now you are talking of "taking sides."  If you
really mean this, then I suspect she has more right on hers, and that
suggestions of "attitude" on your part might have some foundation in


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