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Re: to Keith

Nov 20, 1996 06:19 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Jesus wasn't psychic so much as realistic in thinking that they would
>hunt him down and kill him if he claimed to be homo superior, more
>evolved, above the law etc.

Excuse me Keith, but I don't recall Jesus ever saying such a thing.
Where did you get this idea?

>Which brings up the question, if you really were enlightened, wouldn't
>you just chop wood,  carry water, gaze at the tree in the garden, walk
>on and keep your mouth shut!  I guess that is the difference between
>being enlightened and being filled with Necessity to feel and create
>art, even if it is bad art.

I suspect that even enlightened folks feel the need to create.
Creativity is inherent in divinity, and thus is expressed on
all planes and subplanes.  Since beauty is in the eyes of the
beholder, I don't believe in "bad art" per se.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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