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Re: A Serious Question

Nov 04, 1996 09:26 PM
by Mika Perala

Kym wrote:


> One of the things that circles my mind quite often is how HPB
> taught that THE GOAL was to be PURE COMPASSION, yet, she seemed to take
> delight in ridiculing those who disagreed with her views; she used the word
> "fool" when referring to others so often, it's embarrassing - and hardly
> compassionate. I know she knew better and she could have at least kept those
> patronizing thoughts out of her "official" writings.

Her use of sometimes rude language is one reason why some people do not
find her writings very attractive.

I am a librarian in our Helsinki headquarters and I occasionally receive
that kind of comments.

> The Leadbeater thing is even more difficult.  I didn't know he was a
> suspected child molester until subscribing to this list.  That has caused me
> serious inner conflict.  I know intellectually anyone can be the
> "transmitter" of Truth; but emotionally, I wonder why "those who would
> transmit" would choose such a shaky relay station.  Makes me even doubt the
> wisdom of the "Masters."

Like someone said earlier in this list, "Masters" are human and they make

"Leadbeater-thing" has been quite tricky one for me too and so has been
all that Krishnamurti-Maitreya business. I was ready to throw my HQ keys
out of the window when I read old "Theosophists" about this religious

So, to keep a "sane" picture of the "Adepts" I have decided to believe
that they have had nothing to do with TS-organization this century.

> I wonder about people who belong to a "group" who's prominent "guides" are
> of suspect clarity.  In turn, I wonder about the mental clarity of the
> members of the group.

I sometimes wonder about the mental clarity of myself cause I am still
hanging there in TS. 8)

> >Has anybody read a book called "Madame Blavatsky's Baboon"
> >(By Peter Washington. =A91993,1995 Schocken Books Inc., New York). It's
> >well-researched and seems unafraid to look at the history of the
> >Society, warts and all.
> I have the book, but, at this point, feel it would be an act of raw courage
> to read it. I don't know how much more I can take.

It is just another opinion, IMO.

> >I know it's risky to ask questions like this on a list of Theosophy
> >proponents, advocates, members, etc. (I throw myself in there
> >somewhere). But doesn't it bother anyone else that this stuff happened?
> It doesn't seem to bother many on this list.  It bothers me alot.

Bothers me too. But, I can see one good point here . It forces me to find
"the Truth" by myself and not rely too much on some "questionable"

> Having said all that, I don't believe that quiet acceptance and a "that's
> life" philosophy, offered by some on the list, is all that admirable either.

How about "thats life, there is nothing sure outside of me. Or is
there???". 8)

> Maybe it will be impossible for me to be a theosophist, or belong to a
> Society, or read the theosophical philosophy without being at the same time
> both enthralled and embarrassed.

Maybe. Maybe theosophy is just one step for you to something new and more
appropriate for you.

> Kym

Mika, TI member
Watch out for my not so perfect english!! 8)

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