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Re: A Serious Question

Nov 02, 1996 10:14 AM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Art House wrote:

> <Why don't you ask your own Self about it rather than posting a
> question to the discussion list?>
> -- Are you serious?
> I thought the whole point of this list was to be able to freely discuss
> these things?
> It's a valid question considering the facts. There were a lot of dubious
> activities that went into the foundation of the TS. I was just wondering
> (because I am struggling with it myself) how some of the members in
> longstanding might have reconciled the dirty laundry?

Questions about the facts themselves are valid indeed, and there was a
lot on this list on that matter.

Now, you were asking something else:
what are people's attitudes toward those facts (supposing they were
established facts which in itself is doubtful--compare e.g. what Alex
Dolgorukii and Liesel Deutsch or Bee Brown interpreted the 'facts') and
what they were going to do about it.

This is quite a different kind of question. I am wondering what you are
going to do with answers if you ever receive ones (it looks like all
related messages so far were about your question and my reply rather than
direct answers to your question, which in itself is remarkable).

> I mean, really,
> what if I just said that Master Morya was making me ask this question,
> and that If pressed, would produce a letter to prove it,... would that
> make it any easier to talk about this?)

This is a really good point. Consider looking inside yourself and asking,
what makes you ask this question (--again not a direct answer...).

> There was some wool-pulling that went on, and now, all these years
> later, I just wonder how those in longstanding feel about "the pie in
> the sky" vs "the mud on the boots?"  A serious question, and not for the
> meek. It does indeed reach down to the very footings.

I answered for myself to this question. Did you? Could you please share
your opinion and explain in great detail how and why it reaches down to
the very footings?

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