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Walking, too!

Nov 15, 1996 02:55 PM
by Art House

Keith Price wrote:
>He talks about taking the brush by the horns, so to to speak, and trying to be
>create something unique if not technically artistic.  By connecting with the
>warmth of the heart that moves to the hand one can create "semi-automatically"
>he calls it in the sense that one does not give over coscious control to some
>invading alien entitiy, but cooperates and coocreates with one's own HIGHER

Yay!  I need to be reminded of that as often as possible.  It's always,
make to sell and appeal, or make from one's own HIGHER SELF?  Maybe make
to sell and appeal can also coincide with make from one's own HIGHER
SELF, although that's sometimes hard to reconcile in my own maya.

>Christmas Humphrey's in his marvelous book WALK ON published by Quest sums up
>Zen Philosphy as WALK ON.

Sometimes I crawl on, have a good cry, but keep on goin'.  Namaste,
namaste, Keith, keep on walking!

Re:  Getting off the girls backs - Studs need lipsuction too

Vanity, vanity.  I wonder whether ole Abe would get elected today?  We
would probably say that he talks too slow, is too plain, gawky, and
wears a funny hat.  And what about that beard?  Some of us girls don't
like beards on guys.  Who cares if he writes a great speech!  Today,
he'd probably be relegated to speech writer for a good looking, sweet
talking presidential candidate.

Today I sign myself,
TFT (Tits for Theosophy, ah, the raised rays from the heart chakra!)S=o)

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