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ISIS as Holy SPIRIT? - Unveiled or Get some clothes girl!

Nov 11, 1996 08:19 AM
by joseph k price

Excerpt fro Abufafia circa 1200 a.d.:

Five rungs of the Kabbalah are Nepesch, Ruach, Neshamah, Chaya and Yechida.  A
candle will give you an idea .  THe Nephesch is the vital soul - the wick and
candle together.  In the Ruach we gooutside the ego.  The Neshamah is the past
and future.  The HOLY SPIRIT is connected not only within the individual, but
within others and to other worlds of the past and future - the Gog in exile of
the Ruach Ha kodesh.

So we are in exil, so is Shekhinah, the Spirit of GOd.  THe Shekihinah comes to
dwell in the soul of the virtuous man. as the exiled, but very Presence of God.

The 22 letters and 32 paths create a science  for a new state of consciousness
called Sephiroth.
The Holy Spirit, Shekinah, is always in us ready to teach to help us become a
scholar, an expert, one adept, one initiated, one of gnosis.

THe experience of revelation can be experienced here and now. in prayer and
meditation.  When the inner warmth found in the heart reaches the hand - true
discourse and art can be expressed.  THe King can speak through his vessel the
Queen or vital soul.  What could be a more beautiful state than being in love -
the soul in love with God.  The Shekinah united with the Crown from the Kindgom

See yourself as the divine tree. Harmonize the ten emanations to express the
divinity on earth.  In the dark night of the soul one returns a child through
chaos to a renewing return of the soul in the joy of the morning.  The oneness
reminds me of my comfort that body, mind and soul are one.  So I am haapy this
morning.  Shall I say Iam joyous?  I am the knowledge of the joy of the
Shekinah, the God within me.  So I great you and say Shalom.

Keith Price

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