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Re: Foeticide and HPB

Nov 02, 1996 12:44 PM
by Bee Brown

Big snip.....

>Who knows?  Perhaps the best chance for Theosophy (the organization/movement)
>to re-establish itself in the world is to suggest the possibilities that not
>only may a person have to "gain" a human soul (Self-awareness which can "hold
>It's own ground" at least at the desire-mental level) by a certain
>longer-term, "automatic" process, but that after a certain point a person may
>also have to take certain volitional steps not to lose the human soul as
>well. . . .

That is an interesting thought and one that I have thought about often due
to my dabbling in 'new age' ideas where this subject comes up for discussion
more than in Theosophy. Is there a point in a lifewave's evolution that
would be a sort of "harvest time"? There has been a lot of talk about a
quantum leap in consciousness being emminent and this may suggest that the
'laggards' in gaining their evolutional level of being, may drop off for a
while or may sit in a laya centre until the next manvantara. There seems to
be so much death and destruction just now that it may be suggestive of such
a thing happening under our noses and as yet we do not recognise it because
we do not want to acknowledge that such a thing can happen. In the deeper
esoteric writings of some, such a division point is hinted at but it also
says that we, as humanity, are not yet out of the emotional centres enough
to cope with such an idea. Taken the wrong way, it smacks of inequality
which is a big issue in these times. I have learned that there is an
un-speakable Reality from which we abstract all sorts of thing and ideas to
suit ourselves and so we tend to get upset if serious challenges arise that
are radically different from the view we have chosen to abstract from this
Reality. It is an ever changing, growing thing at this level and we try to
abstract a more concrete reality so that we can have a level of certainty
about our life. If life is as we make it, then if we don't bother with the
effort then we fail which is part of life that we see all around us. It is
nice to think that all failure gets there in the end but life out there in
the world shows that is not so. The saying "As above so below, As below so
above", may suggest this could be so.
Just some thoughts that I find absorbing.

>Best Gold Bond wishes and
>Richard Ihle
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is liking what you get.

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