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"Focus" by Harry Van Gelder

Re: "Lust"

"Lust" quote from "Voice.."

Re: The "name"....

"Oh, No! One More Reply to Paul Johnson from Daniel Caldwell"

Re: Re: "Oh, No! One More Rep...

Re: Re: "Oh, No! One More Reply to Paul Johnson from

Re: "Oh, No! One More Reply to Paul Johnson from Daniel Ca

"The Mahatma Letters" on Acrobat


Achieving Our Potential

Adam Warcup

ADN & Tantrayana

Alice Bailey, etc.

Alice Bailey, root races

The Anti-Christian Writings of HPB

Art is Lie, a humble satire

The Art of HPB


Auric filters (Re: Various Comments)

Bailey & Theosophy

Re: Bailey and Theosophy

Batting theosophists

Batting Theosophists

Batty Theosophists

RE: Bazzer on LCC

belief systems and the Mahatmas

Book Spam

Cambell and the power of myth and art (for me)

Fwd: Campaign to stop Senate ...

Christian Indians

chronol. ML # 5, part 1 of 2

The Colonel agrees with Art

Comments on ML #10.

Comments on ML #2

Re: Comments on the flaming o...

Re: Comments on the flaming of Paul's book

Comments. More on Steiner


Criticizing Critics

Critics and Lies

CS article


Cyber-rhetoric and Theos-l


Re: Dead Masters

Discussing Paul Johnson's Latest Book

Re: Dreamers of the Apocalypse

Electronic Index

e-mail address

Re: Emerson

Emerson: A Theosophist?

Re: Esoteric School

Extracts from Geoffrey Hodson's Occult Diary

RE: Flaming comments

For Astrologers

for your enjoyment from the Net (fwd)

Free the internet! (fwd)

A Fundamental

RE:Fundies attack Alice

Glamour: A world problem

Re: God

God Dog

Re: RE: God in any letters



Harry Van Gelder

Re: Heart of the matter

Hermetics & The Occult Way

A Historical Seminar on the Masters?

Re: History

History to Theos-Roots

History to THEOS-ROOTS response

Re: History...theos-roots, buds,etc.

Hodson diaries


Re: Hot Mahatmas

HPB vs the Church

Re: HPB's virginity

If the shoe fits...


The initiate and co-creation

Introducing Martin

K. Morris book


Kabbalah Postings

Re: Kabbalah Study

Kitchen too warm for PJ?

Lake Theosophy

Re: Laws of nature

Letter I

Letter II

Letter X

Liesel D. -- in hospital

Liesel D. Update (fwd)

Re: Lightning-struck Solar Pl...

Lightning-struck Solar Plexus

Loving our Way to the Source

Mahatma Letter #2

Mahatma Letters

Re: Mahatma Letters Anachronistic & Intolerant

Mahatma Letters Anachronistic and Intolerant?

mahatma letters; Beachcroft

Re: Mahatma's


Mastering Hierarchies

Re: Mastering Hierarchies



Mathers & HPB

Matthew C.

ML #1

ML #1 comments

ML #1, part 1 of 2

ML #1, part 2 of 2

ML #10, part 1 of 3

ML #10, part 2 of 3

ML #10, part 3 of 3

ML #2 Comments

ML #3 a,b,c, and #4 (CXLIII)

ML citation blunder

ML Electronic Book

ML precipitation methods

Re: ML precipitation methods part 2

Re: RE: ML Precipitation Methods part 2

ML Study


Re: ML#1

ML#10, study guide excerpts


Moral Development

Re: Moral Development and the Plan

Re: Moral Development and the...

more indentities

More on Anti-Christianity

More on Identities

More on Steiner

the name of God

name of God

Re: the name of God

The name of God...

Re: The name of God...Continued

NCoker's address

Nontheosophist theosophical writers (was: Re: Hodson diaries)

Not Judging

A Note on my typos!

Off on the Weekend

Re: On "A Breif History of Ti...

On "A Breif History of Time" (film)

Re: Original Programme

Ouspensky question

Ouspensky Question - 4th Dimension


P.G. Bowen et al

Part II of Message by Daniel Caldwell

Re: Paths

Paul, re your new book

a poem by Harry Van Gelder

Quantum Foam

Re Alan

Re Arthur's Question on Steiner

Re Bailey;Martin Euser to Mark Barville

Re Mahatma Letters & G.H.'s Books from the Philippines

Re: Re ML #2

Re to Alan

Re to Arthur

Re to Murray

Re to Paul G.

Re to Paul J

Re to PJ

Re WW Westcott

Reply to Paul Johnson, etc.

Resp to Alan

A Response to Bazzer

responses to cyberpathology

S-314,Commun. Decency Act of '95

Re: Sarcasm


Re: small talk

Some Comments

southeast US news

A spoonful of sugar...

Stand Fast Bazzer

Re: study courses

Study Group on Buds

The Symbolic and the Real


Thanks for the Help

Re: THEOS-L digest 177

theos-l, buds, roots, and news service check

Theosophy and sex; some thoughts

Thoughts on the Masters

To Art Patterson from Martin Euser

To be a Theosophist

to Daniel Caldwell

To John Mead & others; missing digest&replies

To Liesel and JEM

To Paul Johnson

To readers of TMR

To: All, & to Nicholas, re: ML

to: Nicholas & Bazzer

TS cushion

van Gelder

Various Comments

Re: Various Comments on ML #1...

Various comments on ML #10 and HPB's Anti-Christian remarks

Re: Various Comments on ML #10 etc

Various comments on various comments

Various comments on various comments about the MLs

various responses

Virginia Beach Meeting

Welcome Martin

What Matters about the Masters


Re: your mail

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