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Re: ML#1

Mar 29, 1995 01:11 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Alan,

Glad Murray came to the rescue with ML#1.

I'd like to have the FTP address of the DIs package from Demon,
if it would help me be able to download from disk to e-mail.  I
could have used that capablitity a couple of times already.

Besides, I'm very disgusted with America Online.  Half the system
doesn't work right, & I continually have to wait for it to catch
up with what I'm trying to do.  Its fast lane is out of
commissioin, & my February bill was $123.- ...  unheard of.  I've
applied to hook in to Syracuse U's e-mail system, which comes
gratis, but it'll take another few weeks, until my application
will be approved.  Then I'll change addresses once more, but
hopefully this time for good.


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