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Re: The Art of HPB

Mar 25, 1995 03:30 PM
by jrcecon

The Art of HPB?

Human civilization is composed, through the ages, mostly of what
could be called relatively mundane activity.  Now and then,
however, have existed humans who, for whatever reason, clearly
have energy systems that appear so much larger, so much more
intense than is the norm, that their very brilliance virtually
compels attention.  These people rarely fit comfortably within
the confines of any civilization's accepted norms.  Large numbers
of people will pedestal them and wish to follow them (in some
form or another), and equally large numbers of people will try to
debunk them and reveal them to be frauds.

As Robbins says, "Ideas are made by masters, dogma by disciples,
and the Buddha is *always* killed on the road".

HPB clearly unleashed an energy of some sort that has had
effects, both subtle and overt, that have crossed both decades
and continents ...  its not so much her words (regardless of who
did or did not write them) as it is the energy carried by those
words; it is the facy that her energy-system itself was large
enough to withstand the impact of an energy large enough to
generate such huge effects.

Was she celibate or not? for goodness sake what the devil
difference does *that* make? did she write the letters? Make up
her "masters"? These questions seem (IMHO) to completely miss the
point of what she was ....  the far more (again, IMHO) essential
question is: What are we to make of the glimpse she showed us of
a huge energy-system, one that seemed part-way to the goal (i.e.,
it was constantly subject to very large frequency-bands, and
sometimes she could bring them into internal equilibrium, while
other times the seemed to escape her control completely and throw
her into wild and unpredictable behaviour).  What are the means
by which *our* systems may be increased, intensified, balanced,
and perhaps finally, transcended?

A friend of mine once said that she thought collective human life
was composed of 5% that actually lived, and 95% that talked about
the 5%.

HPB, no matter what conclusion anyone comes to about her, clearly
was one who lived ...  and the nature of what this means, and the
essential root of what she was, will never be understood through
the agency of academic analysis ..  and is probably only possible
for those whose own natures can match hers in both selflessness
and intensity.

So, a toast to you, HPB, celibate or not; if you did nothing
else, you made the world far more interesting by your presence
...  would that more of your kind stomped the terra!


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