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Re: Lightning-struck Solar Plexus

Mar 22, 1995 02:00 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello John and the others.

On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, John Mead wrote:

You wrote:

> could you list these five commandments by Christ...
> It apparantly follows the sermon on the mount??

They are taken from the sermon on the mount, (I didn't know the
correct english term for that part of the Bible).  ( The part is
in Matt.  6, if somebody want's to check.)

The one point in these 5 advice or rules is, that they are in a
ethical or in a moral form.  Unlike the 10 commandements, which
are such that you can sue them in most courts if you wish.  Like
don't kill, etc.  But these new ones are left only between you
and your conscience to deal with.  Pekka Ervasti, the previously
mentioned Finnish theosophist, says that the 10 comm.  are of
course prerequisite to these 5.  But there is not too much
spirtual merit if you only follow the 10 comm., that should be
natural to a sivilized person.  Of course it would be more than
good, if people in general would follow even these 10
commandments.  Also, the 10 commandments are from old testament,
from Judaism and from their law, anyway, P.E.  suggests that
Christ reformed some old habits, among them these new ethical

They are:

1.  Do not get angry.

2.  Be pure in your thoughts.

3.  Do not swear, or make oaths.

4.  Do not resist evil.

5.  Love your enemies.

P.E.  has wrote about these rules and their applications and
occult reasons behind them in his many books.  So if you are
interested, I can take some quotations mainly from my memory,
since I don't have all his books at hand.  I like these moral
advices, since they are kind of illogical if you think them by
"normal" standards.  They are not rules for getting succesful in
a material world, so that suggest that they might really be worth

Peace. aki.

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