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Re: Bailey and Theosophy

Mar 29, 1995 12:31 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

NW writes> She & CW Leadbeater were psychics who were convinced
that the entities they contacted on the inner planes were the
same Adepts that taught Blavatsky.  I, representing a minority on
this list, am equally convinced that AAB & CWL were deluded.
Since I was a devotee of both for about 15 years, I'm not just
popping off.

Ann asks NW & Theos-l> What would be the criteria for judging
whether one was truly in contact with a higher source or just
chatting with a bogus entity?

In "The Search for the New Age", a book that came out several
years ago, there was a one-line response to the channeling

"Just because they're dead don't mean they're smart."

Thank you

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