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Re: Paths

Mar 26, 1995 02:33 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> question:
> Who's more comfortable the angel sitting on the pin, or the
> fakir sitting on a bed of nails? Are they doing it physically or
> extraterrestially?

> Liesel

Hmmm - I would guess the angel, as there seems to be a lot of
other angelic company competing for the same space, whereas the
fakir has the place to himself.  Mind you, he _is_ sitting oon
the sharp end of some very large pins.  Maybe if the angels had
to do this, a number of them would quickly move over to make way
for the more fakir-minded ones.  I guess they are all doing it
physically - I could be wrong - but my uinderstanding is that to
dwellers on the different planes their world seems as physical to
them as ours does to us.

Note: all of the above is [surprise] not intended to definitive
in any way.  WHat I hope it may suggest to us is that given the
capacity of the ordinary human intellect to make association
chains of ideas, we can oh so easily turn complete nonsense into
a seemingly highly intelligent discussion.  Some of theos-l has,
in recent weeks, seemed to me to fall into just this category.

Happily, when downloading the latest bunch of mail, I have just
read some very constructive approaches from Jerry S.  and Daniel!


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