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Re: Moral Development and the Plan

Mar 29, 1995 08:10 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Astrea wrote:

> I tend to agree with you, Jerry.  It seems to me, that what ever
> exists either must exist, or needs to exist to fulfil the Plan
> (whatever it is.)...

This "Plan" is one of the basic concepts theosophy exposed me to
and helps make sense of so much in my mind.  It is the basic
matrix into which a wide variety of topics discussed in
theosophy, religion, philosophy, science and (yes Keith,) the
Arts fit and are given meaning to me.

The discussions on the Mahatmas existence, for instance.  If one
accepts there is a rational, logical plan with such elements as
evolutionary and progressive development of form and
consciousness, then the existence of beings in advance of present
humanity is quite defenseable.

> Furthermore, the Divine principle seems to support a good deal of
> what seems to be "evil" to us.  However, living as human beings
> in society, it is desirable that we should adopt certain codes of
> conduct, to avoid the unpleasantness which seems to occur when
> human nature goes completely unchecked.

To look at it from another point of view, that conduct is not
something that is just "adopted" by an reluctant personality, but is
the result of the development of principles based on laws in nature.
Laws which are benign in intent, aiming at developing individuals
"latent" powers of compassion, love, and a lucid understanding of
how to nurture these qualities in others.

> Furthermore, certain restraints may be necessary to achieve more
> refined levels of consciousness, hence the ban on meat-eating and
> alcohol in many yoga groups.

These restraints being "self"-imposed as the individual's conscious
awareness of their own unrealised potential exerts pressure on the
psychic to do something about awakening them, nurturing them within

> We should also be wary of imposing our own dogmatic views of
> right and wrong on others (unless it is our dharma to do so), as
> we seldom know the whole story.

One of the real disturbing trends of today is this growing lack
of tolerance for differing views.  The library I work in has gone
through two attempts to remove books considered offensive to our
"christian" - -I use a small 'c' on purpose--community.  One was
successful in having a childrens book moved to an adult
collection (Heather Has Two Mommies) and the other attempt
successfully removed the book entirely from the collection, not
even allowing us to obtain a copy from other libraries for
patrons who request it (Women on Top).


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