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Mar 02, 1995 07:16 AM
by Jerry Schueler

I have seen several references to telepathy lately and would like
to add my own thought.  I strongly believe that the unconscious
parts of our psyches are in constant telepathic communication.  I
can't say it any better than Jung, who wrote:

     "But in the deeper layers of the psyche which we call the
     unconscious there are things that cast doubt on the
     indispensible categories of our conscious world, namely
     time and space.  The existence of telepathy in time and
     space is still denied only by positive ignoramuses.  It is clear
     that timeless and spaceless perceptions are possible only
     because the perceiving psyche is similarly constituted."
     (C.G. Jung, LETTERS, Vol I, p 117f)

          Jerry S.

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