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Emerson: A Theosophist?

Mar 02, 1995 08:31 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

Along with plodding through HPB biography, which is excellent in
my estimate, I have been reading some of the writings in Ralph
Waldo Emerson which I can not help but think must be in the broad
tradition of Theosophy.  I am reading "Self-Reliance" right now -
inspirational to be sure.  What I want to know is whether Emerson
has been evaluated from a Theosophic point of view I am familiar
with and have read once the book Esoteric Emerson but I would
like anyone on the list with a background in Emerson to tell me
if he is in any formal manner a Theosophist.  I know his dates
are a bit early to be a member of any brance but his ideas are so
close: Oversoul, reliance on experience, looking into the depth
of creation, etc.

Arthur Paul Patterson

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