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Re: Emerson: A Theosophist?

Mar 02, 1995 07:57 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

Arthur Patterson> What I want to know is whether Emerson has been
evaluated from a Theosophic point of view I am familiar with and
have read once the book Esoteric Emerson but I would like anyone
on the list with a background in Emerson to tell me if he is in
any formal manner a Theosophist.

I have no background in Emerson, but do think of him as a
theosophist.  Do not know of his connection with the TS though.

HPB wrote of him thusly: "Among those who come right under
[Henry?] Vaughan's definition of *Theosophists*, Emerson stands

Vaughan's definition is: "A Theosophist is one who gives you a
theory of God or the works of God, which has not revelation, but
an inspiration of his own for its basis."


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