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Re: Various Comments

Mar 29, 1995 11:07 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Responding to Jerry Schueler:

> Lewis: <To look at it from another point of view, that conduct
> is not something that is just "adopted" by an reluctant
> personality, but is the result of the development of principles
> based on laws in nature. Laws which are benign in nature ...
> Yes!  One of these laws that I am especially fond of is "love is
> the law."  In fact, I use it on all of my formal correspondences
> as part of my letterhead. ....
> To love is to act in accordance with our True Self, Higher
> Self, Individuality, inner god, or whatever we want to call our
> inner divine essence.

Great, Jerry.

I'm trying to fold love into my life or, from another point of
view, unfold into love.

Part of it all is discovering where the not-love is within
yourself, and letting the light shine into it.  And sometimes you
don't see any light, because it's time to BE a light for a while.
That can feel like hard work at the time.

On ethical behaviour, people often say what *should* be done, but
supposing you *really* want to do better and don't know how to
change? There aren't so many who can tell you that, and in any
case you have to find out by trying things for yourself.

To my mind, "stage 3" ethical behaviour is reached through a
growing sense of unity and connection with the life around you,
plus that innate valuing of all being that wells up from within,
that can be called love.  The circle of concern and
identification expanding as we unfold.

Another facet of attaining stage 3 is, prosaic as it may sound,
training.  Yes.  If we see ourselves as patterns of energy flow
amidst the inertial factors of matter (ie habitual behaviours or
"flow channels"), then we can do things to retrain ourselves at
all 3 main personality levels - physical, emotional and mental.
If love-impelled and wisely done, this can result in greater
expression of love.

Support groups can sometimes help, here, eg in learning anger
management techniques etc, and there's much more that could be
done and, I fervently hope, *will* be done in the future.  It's a
valid way to help yourself to ask for help from the network
around you.

So stage 3 comes about naturally, but can definitely be helped.

> Re Channeling:   ....   I am one
> of those weird fringe people who thinks that everyone in this
> particular human lifewave on Globe D is telepathically connected
> together via the collective unconscious.  Each and every one of
> us is continuously being bombarded by the thoughts of others.

Yes! I think we're linked in this way, too.

I believe there's a level where this interconnection is a
palpable fact.  There are seers etc who confirm it and may
express it in terms of subtle energy fields, and may not, too.
Multiple metaphors are not a bad thing and keep the mind supple.
(Thinking of Dora Kunz on one hand and Carl Jung on the other.)

> All of HPB's Masters are still around
> somewhere, embodied or disembodied, and if we listen closely, we
> can surely hear them speaking to us.

Yes, I reckon so too.

Murray Stentiford

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