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Re: Various Comments on ML #10 etc

Mar 09, 1995 06:13 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

K. Paul Johnson wrote

> This morning I reread letter #10, and this afternoon read #134
> as Daniel suggests.  First, about letter 10, I must say that
> rereading it I found much to admire and appreciate and
> relatively mild disrespect for theism.
> It seems we have agreed not to discuss the historical details
> of the letters' receipt etc., but to bracket these and focus
> only on doctrinal content.  Is this true?  I fear getting
> flamed if I share my views on how and why they were written,
> but it's hard to discuss the content without the history.

I for one would like _some_ historical background in the
discussion of the Mahatma Letters, especially where it
illuminates the content or helps explain the difficulties in
transmission and reception etc.

All this stuff is of real interest to me, as I shall draw from it
for study groups etc where appropriate.

There's obviously some fiery event (several?) in the history of
the list that involved you before I came along, Paul, but please
give this a go.

Murray Stentiford

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