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Re: Comments on the flaming o...

Mar 25, 1995 05:44 AM
by Bazzer

>> >I imagine them to be very advanced, skilled shamans,
>> Far, far "higher", my friend.
>Whatever you mean by "higher" would be educational, perhaps.
>Skilled shamans are, by this definition, "lower." What is the
>base measure which is to be used in such judgements?

The "base measure" being the degree of spirituality and
altruistic motive.

>Is the poster of the item you quote a personal friend known to
>you personally, or are you being patronising?

Do you mean the Signature at the end of the email? If so, it is
merely a quote from a book.  Don't understand how this could be
considered patronising? It seems to me a beautifull verse, but if
it gives offence the Signature will be deleted from further

>The "flavor" of your postings comes across as sarcasm,

Would other people on the group please give their opinion on
this.  Sarcasm, as they say, is the lowest form of wit and
certainly unbecomming of a student-theosophist.

If it is the general feeling on theos-l that my comments are seen
to be "sarcasm" or flippant (ie an endeavour to undermine the
purpose of the discussion) I will unsubscribe *immediately*.  To
respect privacy, please feel free to email your comments direct
to:  Thank you.

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