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theos-l, buds, roots, and news service check

Mar 29, 1995 10:20 AM
by John Mead

Hi -

I am sending this message to all four theosophy lists
(theos-news, theos-buds, theos-roots, theos-l)

If you do not receive this message from any list,
you may need to resubscribe to the missing list.

caution: due to the way internet handles mail, the way the server
here cycles through various lists on Vnet (we have alot here)
etc.  please allow at least a few hours to assure yourself that
you have not gotten the message from the other "list".

to subscribe to any list send to a e-mail
message with the appropriate line(s):

subscribe theos-L your-name
subscribe theos-news your-name
subscribe theos-buds your-name
subscribe theos-roots your-name

to check the subscribers list (may be a good idea to do this
first) send the line(s):

review theos-L
review theos-News
review theos-Roots
review theos-Buds

By The Way (BTW) -- I'm also going to check the from problem in
this message too, while I'm at it.

peace -

john mead

p.s from check below
from all of the lists
from all of the world
from all of the planes
from all of the gods...
I hope you get this last line!

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