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Re:"Dark Chohans"




AAB and HPB Writing Styles

AAB, Spiritual healing


AAB/HPB - Quick Response


AAB/HPB comparison


AAB/HPB, Danish Section

AAB/HPB, Theosophy/theosophy/gnosis

Alice Bailey

are we good or bad based upon our actions?

Re:Arvind background

Arvind Comments

Arvind--PJ background

Astral Body, AAB and TCF

astrology faq...

Astrology, G. de P.

Astrology, T.S., E.S., Etc.

Astrology: Esoteric Chart

Astrology; ES and EX

Authority in the TS

Bailey, Faith, Medicine.

Bailey, Medicine, etc

Bhagawan Ramana On Suffering and Service

Bodies of Mahatmas

book contract and outline

Brother Twelve

Buddhist and Pt. Loma Donation

can only smile

Cleather Pamphlet etc.

Comments & Responses

Comments to JHE and Nancy

Cosmic Fire and Other Issues

Dark Chohans

Delayed Reply

different theosophical paradigms

do we transcend good and evil?

Don to Jerry : Math

Don's Help File


E.S. and T.S

the earthquake in LA, and theosophical books

the earthquake in Los Angeles

esoteric and exoteric astrology

Esoteric Journals etc.


ethics and confidential materials

evolution of thought

faith and the knowledge of the Masters

a final proof of the Teachings

general question on western astrology ...

Good and Evil


Healing, Bailey and Paul's Book

HPB Natal chart

HPB/AAB discussion - comments from an onlooker

I Ching - Probabilty: Yarrowstalks vs coins

Illusory Body

in one place at a time but seen in many places

influences that shape us

Internet Spirituality

is evil real?

jim anderson reply to many

Jupiter collision with comet in July

Key to Theosophy, Vegetarianism etc.

Lives in the Shadow

Lucis Trust Address etc.

Math & Space

Math and Physics

mathematics and our ideal nature

Miscellaneous Responses and Follow-up

a moral consciousness of good and evil

the moral consciousness, above rules

More Math

More on Late theosophist etc.

More poetry

My Background

Natural disasters

Nicholas Weeks, 7 Yr Cycle etc.

note on keys

our ability to tell right from wrong

our subscribers

pairs of opposites

passion and astral or is it body?

Peacenet address

planes as dimensions vs. matter types


Psychological Key

a question on evil, dark chohans, left hand path, etc.

Radhasoami etc.

Radhasoami Reality

Reality of Mathematics

regarding "A Special Summer"

regarding our discussion of good and evil


response to Arvind...


Sex in the Astral Light

Sleep Vs Devachan /GASSHO No. 2

some astrological comments

a special summer...

spirit and matter are not good and evil

style of writing versus its content

T.S. chart

T.S./Burnier Chart

telling good from evil

Theosophical Teaching/TCF

Theosophy and theosophy

Theosophy is not borrowed

Re: Thos. works fia ftp

thoughts on imaginary numbers

To John Mead from Don regarding Math

TS chart

TS chart, part 2

Ultimate Duality

unlocking the meaning of numbers

various responses

what can we communicate?

World Disasters

zero and null: unmanifest vs no such thing

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