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is evil real?

Jan 03, 1994 08:38 AM
by eldon

There's one topic that we haven't gotten into, but quite important in
its own right. It is regarding the nature of good and evil.

There are a number of levels of meaning to it, and it is written about
in our theosophical literature. We find that it even extends into
initiation, with both a right-hand path and a left-hand path, one of
good and the other of evil.

Without time at the moment to write on it, I'd like to pose a few
questions to the group:

1. What is the nature of evil, and how does it express itself in
   our lives?

2. Are their useen forces for evil, working behind the sceens? If
   so, how in in what way do they work?

3. How does evil affect us in our lives, with us trying to be
   theosophical and serve others?

4. Can evil find expression in us, and through our lives, with us
   unaware of it's presence, unaware of it working its way into us?

5. Given that there is something to it, how far should we write about
   and describe evil, as opposed to ignoring it, and not giving it
   our attention? Does ignoring it and denial make it less powerful,
   or more so, in our lives?

                               Eldon Tucker (

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