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regarding "A Special Summer"

Jan 03, 1994 06:05 AM
by eldon

John M:

I did not have a special outline to follow on "A Special Summer", but
the theme has been emerging as I write additional chapters.

The short book will deal with the basic theme of the battle between
good and evil, with some degree of triumpt as well as tragedy.

The world is semi-real, a make-believe land that does not exactly
match any historic period, and there is a bit of fantasy mixed in with
occult and philosophical principles.

In addition to the good and spiritual, there is an evil side to life
too, and we must be aware of it, even if we don't dwell on it. Some
people don't like scarey movies, like my wife, and they might not like
some of the chapters dealing with some of the worest characters.

For myself, I do not find myself bothered by scarey movies, and have
not since a child recalled having any scarey dreams at night. I feel
that I have kept my own consciousness rooted in the goodness of nature.

If I can paint, though,  what spiritual evil might be like, and arouse
a mild sense of horror or revulsion, then it would be good, because it
is possible for evil to creep into one's life in disguise. And we do
read about it in our theosophical literature. We read about the left
hand path and initiates of evil, as well as those of good.

There is no danger as long as we keep of spiritual mind and avoid the
occult practices, we can be fairly safe from destructive influences.
Otherwise, we must apply caution to what we do. It is just as possible,
out of the body, to be drawn to dark, corrupting worlds, as to the
more spiritual ones.

The theme of the aweful nature of evil and the need to avoid it is in
the book, but it is not the main theme. The main theme is the battle
of good against evil, and how it is a never-ending struggle. Even if
the feeling of the book is bitter-sweet, I hope to end on a positive

                      Eldon Tucker (

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