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regarding "A Special Summer"

Jan 06, 1994 09:55 AM
by eldon

One of the things that I'm currently working on is the first draft
of a book of occult fiction. I posted the first few chapters of it,
of "A Special Summer," to "theos-l".

I have more chapters to go, and want to have several people review the
book before it gets to its final form. And things may change in some
of the early chapters as the book evolves.

Because of this, I've decided that it would probably be best that
individual chapters, of varying drafts, aren't floating around, because
they could be taken out of context, or contain materials no longer in
the book.

Because of this, I've asked John Mead to not keep the chapters of
the book in the "theos-l" archives.

When the first draft is finished, and I'm ready for people to look
over it and offer their comments, I'll post an announcement, and
anyone interested will be invited to write me for an email copy
of the entire book.

                    Eldon Tucker (

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