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regarding our discussion of good and evil

Jan 06, 1994 10:40 AM
by eldon

Jerry S:

I think that we have the potential for a good discussion. The topic
of good and evil is rich with meaning, and there is much territory
to be explored. I respect your views, and those of the rest of our
group. I realize that I am trying to express some ideas that may
seem new, and expect some disagreement and opposition.  It will be
interesting to see how much we cover, and who will join in.

You have made a good first attempt to justify an exoteric eastern
philosophical point of view, one that includes an amoral awareness
as having risen about the common sense of good and evil. And you
have used it to challenge the exoteric western Christian notion
of black-and-white good and evil. I don't, myself, take either of
those sides, but prefer a different approach, based upon my own
study of Theosophy.

My comments will include ideas I feel important to be brought up,
as well as reactions to what has been said. I hope that we all take
the standpoint that we are exploring an interesting subject, to see
what we can find, and not defending fixed positions, permanently
established beliefs, from external attacks. I certainly hope to
learn much from what may transpire!

I'll probably write my first few comments at lunchtime today...

                    Eldon Tucker (

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