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Authority in the TS

Jan 06, 1994 11:17 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

To all interested persons--

     So far no response to my outline.  I'm hoping a specific
question might stimulate more response.  As I work on the
intro, I'm headed into the subject of the historical
consequences of HPB's relationship with Masters.  On one hand,
they're the source of all authority; on the other, the TS has
denied that there is any such thing as spiritual authority
except each individual's higher self.  This creates a fertile
field for conflict; I'll examine HPB vs. HSO, Sinnett vs. Hume,
Sinnett vs. HPB, WQJ and AB vs. HSO, then AB and HSO vs. WQJ,
KT vs. AB, CWL vs. his critics, K. vs. CWL, GA, etc.  Having an
inaccessible authority structure to which anyone can claim a
special relationship is thus obviously a source of conflict.
On the other hand, the mystery surrounding Masters and
initiations energized people, released creativity, made them
productive.  I welcome any comments on the pros and the cons of
Theosophy's evolution as related to concepts of the Masters.

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