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Jan 06, 1994 12:25 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

        January 4, 1993    This is from Nancy

ARVIND -- I purchased a copy of the Cleather pamphlet on AAB and
will mail it off to you.  Thanks for your humorous response.  Do
you have the address of the Lucis Trust?  Our library would like
to buy a copy of AAB's biography -- is it an autobiog?

BRENDA -- Yes, I attend nearly all the Friday evening meetings
out here, sometimes as presenter, sometimes as chairperson
sometimes as enthusiastic listener, and sometimes as mindless
sleeper.  I would be willing to give mini reports except that so
much of the charm is the actual process and atmosphere of minds
meeting.  I would be happy to mail or post upcoming meetings and
if you had a special interest, I'd try to give a capsule summary.

1/7  Reincarn.  Necessity, Privilege, or Compassion?
1/14 Vincent Van Gogh's Vision
/21 Drugs and Spiritual Awakenment
1/28 Spiritual Perspectives on Medical Dilemmas

JERRY S -- Thanks for your comments on healing.  I understand why
you suggest that belief must play a large part, and in many cases
it probably does.  I suspect that belief is not enough.  I was
also raised as a Christian Scientist and had healings though I
was a doubter, and did not have healings when I thought I truly
believed . . . (as well as vice versa)

JERRY S & DON  I enjoy your OOBE and dreams discussion.  I'm not
a scientist, nor do I feel comfortable in that arena but --
hasn't the Monroe Institute been doing a lot of valuable
scientific work in this area?  Except for physicists, most
scientists wouldn't accept our model if they flew for themselves.

OSMAR -- thanks for your support, please translate your Latin
phrase that starts with abusus .......

KIM -- How about an astral airlines?  I dislike flying intensely
and am looking for a less physically disruptive way to get about.

PADDY -- I didn't get your transmission very clearly.   Could you
try again. My last note to you bounced.  Will try again.  Are the
fires anywhere near you?

EVIL -- My two cents on evil -- it is matter tending, that's all.
Because we are in the upward arc, it is de-evolutionary. When we
were in the downwards arc, perhaps we would have defined evil as
upwards tending????

PAUL -- congratulations!!!!!!!!!!  I'll pass the info on to John

JERRY HE -- welcome home.  I'm sending Arvind the pamphlet per
his request.  Will find out more details on the healing of the
deaf person.  Seems to me we should be able to discover a sound
model for explaining these healings.


 Had you seen the Peanuts cartoon where Linus asks  <When you
die, are you ever allowed to come back?>
Charlie Brown replies <Only if you had your hand stamped>

There is a wonderful book called ANGUISED ENGLISH by Richard
Lederer which includes misstatements and bloopers.  Some of the
church related ones are great:
On a church bulletin during the minister's illness:
  Dr. Hargreaves is better.
  Don't let worry kill you off -- let the church help.

Don't know why this looks so wierd but it is the second
try,  maybe it will end up better than it looks here.  Bye.  Nancy

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