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planes as dimensions vs. matter types

Jan 03, 1994 12:54 PM
by mlevin

Hi all -

   Another question. In the various occult literature very
common reference is made to "planes". They are described
as "other" spaces, interpenetrating each other and our own.
I have seen two major formalizations of this idea. One sees
different planes as actual different dimensions in the sense
that physics understands dimensions. The other sees planes
as co-existing types of matter ("different frequency of vibration"
is used a lot to describe the difference), where all matter
of some specific quality defines a plane. The first view has
some interesting models (Ouspensky's for example) for various
psychic phenomena, but has the problem that physics seems
to have quite a bit to say about how many dimensions the universe
seems to have (and this doesn't match what the occultists say).
So, do people have any thoughts on this topic? Do you favor
one (or both - they don't seem to be contradictory) model? Do
you have (or know of) a different one?

Mike Levin

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