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Re:"Dark Chohans"

Jan 03, 1994 03:51 PM
by L. Lucas a.k.a.

> this a temporary gain of power...

While I can not quote a source for my opinion, I think that it is a
temporary gain.

>...or is the Hierarchy paralleled all the way up by
> correspondingly-powerful

beings who are on the "evil" path?

I once read that it was impossible for there to be a "Dark
Brotherhood" because a principle difference in the left and right hand
paths was selfishnes vs unselfishness. It was noted that while a loose
alliance might be formed for a specific reason, that it was domed to
failure because each was so wrapped up in his own selfish ends. The
word "Brotherhood" implies a level of cooperation which is not in the
character of one on that path. I would imagine this would be even more
true of a "hierarchy". This would imply an organized structure with
lines of communication. All this is contradictory to the modus
operendum of those "seduced by the dark side of the force" (that
source I know, it's Obie Wan Kanobi:)

And that makes sense to me, regardless of who said it first.

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