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a question on evil, dark chohans, left hand path, etc.

Jan 03, 1994 12:49 PM
by mlevin

Hi all -

   Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me on this.
Within the various theosophical writings, I often come
across statements to the effect that one can only
evolve through good deeds, that once one takes his/her
1st initiation that person is on the path permanently, etc.
I also however came across (somewhere, don't remember exactly
where) statements regarding "Dark Chohans". I am fuzzy on the
whole thing, but it seems that what was meant were beings who
have attained a high degree of development but were
following the left hand path. So, does anyone have thoughts on
exactly what is possible in terms of evolution if you follow
the "left hand path"? I.e., is this a temporary gain of power
which is limited, or is the Hierarchy paralleled all the way
up by correspondingly-powerful beings who are on the "evil" path?
I am probably not explaining myself very well. What I am asking
is: is the power these beings get temporary (in the sense of
an evil but powerful man in a human life who will have to re-trace
his steps so to speak, and become good), or is there
a corresponding Hierarchy of evil beings whose evolution is
"unlimited" in their own direction?
  So what do people think (preferably with references to the
various Theosophical or other sources)?

Mike Levin

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