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Internet Spirituality

Jan 13, 1994 07:20 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Maybe I have already missed something on this by coming in
late, but does anyone have any thoughts to share on the
evolutionary significance of the information/
telecommunications revolution from a theosophical perspective?
Kim's recent piece was great fun bit I thought it contained
deeper meaning worth discussing. Perhaps Teilhard's concept of
the "noosphere" has some relevance to what we're experiencing.
Maybe Rudhyar's "planetization of consciousness" too.

What strikes me as a librarian is that what HPB called the
astral light from which she read whatever she wanted is
manifesting in a universally accessible form via the Internet.
What can be done with gophers is just stupendous. At this
point, though, for a historian it's mostly about online access
to info about print sources. When archives, historical books,
etc. are all online as well, and accessible via keyword
searching-- it's mindblowing.

If I were to come up with an immediate theosophical correlation
to what's happening, it would be the idea that manas is capable
of being enlightened by contact with universal mind, or of
being degraded by enslavement to animal desire. There's
something ennobling about just being on the net, and I think in
theos-l we all feel a certain commitment to letting go of our
limited personal perspectives even as we express them.

Somebody out there, say something profound.

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