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Nicholas Weeks, 7 Yr Cycle etc.

Jan 13, 1994 03:02 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi Jerry H-E,

My wife called me to say that Mr. Nicholas Weeks had called
a couple of hours ago to ask that I not discuss his
letter on theos-l. So in deference to his wishes, I
will refrain from saying anything publicly about his
letter. He seems like a very well-meaning person, and
I have no doubt at all that he is sincere in his beliefs
as to the AAB material. I tried to ring him up to see
if there is any other way in which we could involve him in
our discussion, as he does have several good points in his
letter, but there was no answer, nor any answering machine
where I could leave a message.

I have the following observation to make regarding the
'evolution' of the spiritual side of my life so far:

Years (age)          Main Influence
------------      --------------------------------------------------

Years 15-21      "Power of Positive thinking" (Norman V Peale etc.)

      22-28       Christian Science (Florence Schovel Schinn,
               the power of the 'spoken word/affirmations')

      29-35       Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

      36-42       Theosophy of Alice Bailey (primarily)

      43+         Theosophy of HPB/AAB ?

I see that I am corroborating what someone else on this network
had talked about before (Jerry Schueler?) about the 7 year cycle.
For me, it appears that 'fate' is working very intelligently in
supplying me with the right opportunities at the right time. I
have certainly grown progressively as I see it, in each 7-year
cycle. My newfound enthusiasm for HPB is primarily due to the
regard in which most on this network seem to hold her (coupled
with the fact that the AAB books also talk very highly of her,
plus the fact that I enjoy her books anyways). This is sheer
coincidence as only a couple of months ago I did not even have
an inkling of how our discussion will turn out, indeed I was
arguing with my boss about not taking away my PC (which is
what happened eventually, resulting in the appearance of a
Unix Workstation on my desk, which has 'catapulted' me into the
middle of this theos-l discussion on AAB/HPB!)  And they doubt
that marriages are made in heaven (I think everything is made
'in heaven'!)

I did want to close the loop on a couple of other items:

(a)The more I read HPB, the more I see that throughout her
books she has used the term 'psychology' in the sense of
'esoteric psychology' of AAB (where she has not done so, she
has clearly indicated it as such). So I am quite willing to
accept AAB's statement that TCF is the 'psychological key' to
SD (in the sense that it 'lifts the veil' a bit more on the
science of the 'evolution of consciousness'). BTW, I looked
at the first 33 pages of TCF and saw that we had already
discussed much of the material some time back, except for
the 'Stanzas of Dzyan', which I have a hard time understanding.
So I may not have much to report on the first 33 pages; I think
the real test will come with the reading/discussion of the
commentaries but I will be very interested in your views on the
first 33 pages (I'll start reading the next several pages in the

(b)I read with interest your 'list of oddities' regarding
Leadbeater. Thank you very much, much of it is news for me. And
when you get a chance, if you can pen down another list (as you
suggested in your last message), I'd like to read that as well.

(c)The reason I wanted to go over the 'spiritual practice'
recommended by AAB was to get your concurrence on the fact that
'at least some good' is coming out of what AAB did. I have heard
from several people (a few are on this network) that reading HPB
is great but it does not allow for growth i.e. she does not 'preach
a particular way of life or spiritual practice, at least that is
not readily apparent when you read SD or IU. That is why I was
going through Vol XII of her CW, which contains her instructions
to ES. I saw a lot of 'good, tangible' stuff there, but I must
again point out that all of it I was aware of already, thanks to
my study of AAB/work in the AS (Arcane School). I think there
needs to be better 'advertising' of the availibility of HPB's
ES instructions. Are there any others of HPB's ES instructions
(which are not part of Vol XII)?


"Unity and right human relations - individual, communal, national
and international can be brought about by the united actions of the
men and women of goodwill acting in every country."

-- Alice Bailey in 'Problems of Humanity"

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