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Brother Twelve

Jan 14, 1994 09:17 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Last night I talked to John Oliphant, author of Brother
Twelve.  FYI Brother Twelve was an English Theosophist who in
the 1920s claimed to be an agent of the GWB and founded a
series of colonies in British Columbia.  All his disciples
finally turned against him because he was so crazy and mean.

Anyway, the book is out in hardcover and paper by the leading
Canadian publisher and John has been trying to get it reprinted
by a US company.  So far this has been unsuccessful.  But he
says there are a couple thousand copies left, and wondered if
maybe he should be looking for an American distributor instead.

So-- on his behalf I'm asking advice from those of you who know
something about the book trade.  I know that PLP bought the
remaining stock the The Elder Brother when the UK publisher
remaindered it.  My question is this:are there any suggestions
about distributors who might be interested in John's book, and
how would one go about making arrangements with them?

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