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My Background

Jan 14, 1994 10:22 AM
by Arvind Kumar

> Your list of seven year cycles aroused my curiosity about your
> religious background before that.  From your name I would
> gather that you came from a Hindu family from a Hindi speaking
> area of India-- is that right?  Have you maintained interest in
> Hindu esotericism, and does this related to your liking for
> Bailey?  I know that one person in the Theosophical movement
> who has great respect for AAB is Jeanine Miller.  Since she has
> a graduate degree in Sanskrit (I think, maybe Indian Studies)
> her testimony that Bailey's work harmonizes with and advances
> on the teachings of the Vedas/Upanishads is a valuable
> endorsement.
> Hope you don't mind my asking a personal question.
> Paul

Paul, I have been putting off writing to your previous message
regarding DK, but I am glad I now have an opportunity to
address that one as well as your question above.  I was born in
a small village in Punjab to Hindu parents.  I sort of
remember the names of the 'Sikhs' that you mentioned in your
last message but having been in the US since 1976 (I spent
1975 in Canada doing an MS degree and was in Delhi and various
other places from 1951 to 1975) I do not remember veru much else
apart from the names.  I am waiting for a copy of your book from
Jerry H-E to see if it has any more on the persons you identify as
the real Mahatmas.  I am extremely curious about how you did your
research; have you been to India, do you have any contacts there?
I am planning to be in India during July 94 for a month and
wonder if there is anything worth investigating regarding the
Masters who apparently reside there.  I heard  that the Master M
resides at Darjeeling; can you confirm it or say anything more
on the topic?

I have profound interest in Hindu esotericism and I was speculating
with a friend yesterday that very likely from HPB (42-48 age
cycle) I may be progressing towards Hindu esotericism (Upanishads
etc.) during the next cycle (49+).  But all the time I was in
India, I was too busy studying the normal (academic) courses as
a student to venture into the truly esoteric side.  My mother
was deeply spiritual but she passed away when I was 10, my
grandma who was also very spiritual passed on when I was 15, my
dad was a school teacher who had a hard time bringing us
up financially so he was always deeply involved in 'Samsara' due
to the circumstances.  But everything happens for a reason, and being
born in India I consider as a previlege...

I do not claim to understand much of Bailey's work, but the little
that I do understand is simply marvellous. Her emphasis on selfless
service of Humanity (not of the immediate family or colleagues. but
rather of the entire Humanity) is an ideal that if followed by even
a few has the potential of bringing a true peace on earth.  Where
did you meet Jeanine Miller, or do you know her by her talks or
books?  I'll be very interested in reading anything written by her,
and will be much obliged if you give me references to her work.

Please do not hesitate to ask any more questions, personal or

"That is truly spiritual which properly relates man to man, and
man to God.  Spirituality is essentially the establishment of right
human relations, the promotion of goodwill, and finally the establishing
of a true peace on earth. "   From "Problems of Humanity" by AAB

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