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Re: My Background

Jan 17, 1994 06:01 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

This will be another brief one.

In March/April 1990 I spent 6 weeks in India doing research for
the book.  Starting in Bombay (Asiatic Society Library) then to
New Delhi (Nehru Lib. and Museum) and Jammu (J&K State
Archives).  From there, the long, long train ride south to
Adyar, where I spent the most time.  Also a side trip to
Pondicherry.  All this is reported at the end of ISM.

I wouldn't speculate on the present locales or IDs of the
Masters but my research strongly indicates that Darjeeling was
completely a blind and that neither M. nor K.H. were anywhere
near there-- K.H. from Amritsar, M. from Jammu.

I met J.M. in London at a conference.  She wrote a piece on
Bailey for TH some years ago-- I'll try to find the reference.

I would have loved going to Amritsar, the Golden Temple, and
doing research there, but it was off limits at the time so I
just went through Punjab by train.

Til next time


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