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the earthquake in LA, and theosophical books

Jan 17, 1994 01:08 PM
by eldon

It's interesting how unexpected events in life arise to remind us of
the impermanence of things. Brenda, myself, and our daughter are here
in San Diego for the week, and were awakened at 4:30 am by an
earthquake. The epicenter was 160 miles northwest of us, in Northridge,
California, only eight miles from our home in Los Angeles.

It's been about eight hours since the earthquake, and we are unable to
reach our neighbors by phone to find out how bad our area had been hit.
The roads in the area are not in good condition to travel, and we may
be left wondering about our house for a while yet to come. Right now,
we can wonder, and Brenda can watch the news on TV (while I'm at work),
but there's not much we can do. It's strange to pass through this time
not knowing how things are ...


Also of interest, I talked to someone yesterday whom has a theosophical
BBS in Canada. He's trying to get inexpensive access to internet, after
which we may have several more participants. He has already computerized
"The Ocean of Theosophy" and a number of theosophical manuals, all in
ascii, as well as a number of articles. When I get a floppy from him,
I'll put on internet his files. (The ones under copyright will first
need a special header written, as well as permission from the copyright
holder before they go online.)

I'll also post, in a few days, for what it's worth, my current version
of "The Secret Doctrine". Even though it has many errors, most of the
text is ok, and it is helpful for quick text searches, looking for
passages, and quick browsing of material.

                    Eldon Tucker (

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