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T.S. chart

Jan 17, 1994 00:30 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


     Thanks for the astrology essay. You put a lot of time into
it, and it looks very well thought out. Would you mind posting
the dates, times and coordinates that you used for each of these
horoscopes in your essay?  This way I will be able to follow you
better, and perhaps even be able to make a comment or two.

     Also, H.P.B. mentioned that the September 1875 meeting, when
the founding of the T.S. was first proposed was the "esoteric"
birth date of the Society, where the November inauguration date
was the exoteric founding. It occurred to me that since H.P.B.
sort of represents the esoteric side of the Society, this chart
may be revealing when compared to her's. Have you made a chart
for this date?

     The Esoteric Section was first opened only for members of
the London Lodge in 1885, then was reorganized to be open to the
entire membership in 1888. Technically, one can argue that the
1888 date was for a new organization, but it still has its roots
in the 1885 effort. Did you find any correlations for the 1885

     Regarding Pluto going stationary in the fifth on the natal
sun: My experiences with transiting Pluto have been more on the
negative side--usually bringing public disfavor, and exposure. I
notice that Pluto's was transiting over Jupiter about the time
that our former national president came into office (1990-1993).
Jupiter rules the tenth, and may throw some light upon our former
National and International Presidents' unpopularity during the
former's tenure of office, and during that same period for the
latter. It would be interesting to see a chart for the National
Section--the accepted date being 1886, but one can also argue for
1895 when the society split at the New York Convention. For the
August position of Pluto, notice also that Saturn is in Pisces.
Though Saturn is in the ninth house, Pisces rules the midheaven.
I'm more inclined to guess that this might indicate another
internal shakeup.

     You didn't mention the January 11th lineup, that falls in
the seventh house. Though the seventh house is empty, the
alignment activates the mars-saturn conjunction through the
uranus opposition, via an inconjunct to the same. This is the
weak point in the Foundation chart, as it indicates a propensity
towards sudden, hasty and inappropriate responses when those in
control feel threatened. Note the recent expulsions of the
Danish and Canadian sections for example, and on the national
level, the changing of the by-laws after Bing Escudero almost won
the election for national president. This January lineup should
reveal itself over a long period of time, bringing broad radical
changes, and I would think--further actions against those that
that the T.S. believes to oppose them. Since the sun is
favorably aspected, I suspect Radha will come out well.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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