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Sleep Vs Devachan /GASSHO No. 2

Jan 14, 1994 10:53 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry S./Jerry H-E and others

I was reading in the 'Key to theosophy' that Devachan is just
like sleep; in fact I got the impression that 'those who pass
through sleep every night essentially dreamless will pass
through Devachan also in that same state, being unconscious'.

I know Jerry S. was discussing something along the lines of
dreams some time back.  My question is this: if I want to
have a conscious devachan, how do I go about changing my
sleep state into one of conscious activity? Does anyone
know what I am talking about? Are there any hints given by
HPB or others on developing this capability?  I know of
the hints in AAB books on 'continuity of consciousness'
during sleep and will write something about it if anyone
cares but what do others (like HPB) have to say about it? The
only discussion by HPB of dreams that I am aware of is the
one that I saw in Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB (it is
2 or 3 pages long).

>thanks for offer of journal...I enjoyed the article, but perhaps
>a rather voluminous issue is too great for me to download!

The second issue of GASSHO (a Buddhist on-line journal) I have
received from DharmaNet in 2 parts, each I think is some 25 pages
long.  I'll be glad to send it to John Mead for posting it (as we
did last time) if there is enough interest.  Alternatively,
anyone interested can contact me for a copy via e-mail.

Do you want me to send it to you via e-mail?  If you
do not have time to read it (I myself have barely read the first
page so far since getting it a couple of days back), I understand
(a silence from you will be taken to mean that you do not want it
right now).


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