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Re:Arvind background

Jan 14, 1994 12:40 PM
by L. Lucas a.k.a.


You wrote:

>I work for Ericsson, which is a $7 Billion+ telecommunications

Telecommunications is a broad term. Could you be more specific?

>Are you related to Dora Kunz?

No, but thank you for the unintended compliment all the same.
I deeply admire and respect who she is and what she does. I had
an opportunity to work for her during her last year as president of
the T.S. I think she is one of the finest examples I have met of
a theosophist. She unselfishly works ceaselessly for the aliviation
of pain and ignorance we all suffer from.

>How far are you from where John is, or where the Charlotte study
>circle meets?

Charlotte, NC is about 3-4 hours NE of me. I am about an hour NE of

>I hope to meet you at one of these theosophical conferences,
>or perhaps you will come to Dallas TX sometime (or I could be
>in the vicinity of where you are geographically sometime).

That would be interesting. I just met for the first time someone
I had only talked to by phone for about three years...a stranger who
wasn't a stranger...strange. This is a good way for people to become
acquainted without the filters of bias and prejudice so common in our

>Let us keep in touch!

Yes, lets! Note my e-mail address has changed slightly. That is why my
response was so long in coming.



Lewis Lucas            Chestatee Regional Library       (404)532-3311

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